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Bucket Seats

The bucket seat is a suspension seat inspired by power boats and F1 racing. Ullman bucket seats gives full support and protection for crew on board high speed boats where space is limited and light weight is crucial. The Ullman bucket seat offers an anatomic seat and back rest, lateral support. It is proven solution that has been tested and accepted by several organizations and proven itself a suspension seat to rely on.

Daytona – مقاعــد أولمـــان دايتـــونــا

يُعد مقعد أولمان دايتونا هو الأخف من نوعه المتاح في الأسواق. و قد تم تصميمه لكي يتم استخدامه في أماكن محدودة و هو يتمتع بقدرة على تخفيف الصدمات في القوارب فائقة السرعة. و هو من نسيج الكربون المونوكي بكسوة من النيوبرين أو الجلد. و قد تم تصميمه هندسياً ليتتبع شكل الجسم و يضع...

Daytona Crew

The Ullman Daytona Crew Seat is a cost effective solution for providing state-of-the-art shock mitigation and protection. It is designed to be used in limited spaces and to give shock mitigation for high speed boats. The Daytona Seat is a monocoque glass fibre shell with vinyl upholstery. It is ergonomically designed to follow the shape of the body and put the user in the best seating posture possible. The seating geometry is designed to give passengers the optimal body posture for handling...