• Rafnar Leiftur 11000

    Prevent injuries

  • Dahl 36P Rib Stiegen

    Unleash your craft

  • Scorpion RIB with Twin Mercury Verado 350hp engines and Ullman Atlantic Seats

    comfort unparalleled

  • North Sea Boats

    Lateral impact protection

  • Carbon fibre web slide

    No maintenance Full warranty

Why Ullman Seats are superior
  • They are scientifically proven to provide better Shock Mitigation than any other seats.
  • Do not break.
  • Do not corrode.
  • Do not need any maintenance.
  • The lightest weight.
  • The smallest footprint.
  • Outperform any other jockey seats in terms of comfort.
  • Reduce risk of injuries.
  • Reduce physical fatigue.
  • Do not bottom-out.
  • 3 years worldwide warranty – extendable.
  • Exemption from the EU directive.
  • Height adjustment where it is useful – for the feet.
  • Have been in use by professional operators in demanding operations for many years in more than 70 countries – with zero failures.
  • Lower life cycle costs.