Atlantic Crew

The optimal seat for high-speed offshore personnel transport vessels, and crew carriers.

The Ullman Atlantic Crew Seat is designed to protect the crew and passengers of high-performance craft from injury.
The seating geometry is designed to give passengers the optimal body posture for handling both static and dynamic loads.
The Ullman Semi-Active Progressive Shock Mitigation System with twin shock absorbers provides high levels of comfort in extreme sea conditions. The Leaflex™suspension with twin adjustable dampers allows 200 mm of travel and can be optimised to any particular vessel.
The Ullman Atlantic Crew Seat is designed primarily for cabin boats and to allow straddle position when needed and reclining when possible. The suspension seat has adjustable damper rebound and compression setting plus built-in lateral support. The upholstery uses leather for the external surfaces over multi-layer fire resistant foam for optimal comfort and safety.
The standard seat color is black with multiple color upholstery sets available to order.
The whole Ullman marine seating range is specified and produced with high-quality materials. The Atlantic spring unit is manufactured from multi composites and stainless steel (316). The progressive damper is manufactured from aluminum (5077) and stainless steel (316). The seating unit is made of GRP.
The Marine Vinyl has outstanding comfort combined and excellent durability with an extensive shade card. The marine vinyl is thoroughly tested and certified. Checked in accordance with flame resistance: Ship/off-shore, certificate IMO A652(16) & FMVSS 302, ISO 3795.
Optional accessories for the Ullman Atlantic Crew seat include seven-axis adjustable armrests with built-in adjustable multi-purpose joystick or trackball designed for rough conditions.  Heavy duty water resistant vinyl upholstery (IMO Res.A.652(16)) can be specified for open cockpits. Mechanical slide system can be specified for longitudinal adjustment. Seat belt options include 2 or 4 point Air Tech safety belts.  Upgrade to a multi-axial 6-level adjustable damper.
Atlantic Crew Features
  • Seating geometry gives optimal body posture for handling both static and dynamic loads.
  • Built-in physiological lateral support.
  • Ullman Semi-Active Progressive Shock Mitigation System.
  • Twin progressive dampers made of aluminum (5077) and stainless steel (316).
  • Adjustable damper rebound and compression settings, 6 levels.
  • Multi-layered fire resistant foam. IMO A652(16)
  • Foam constructed to allow free airflow under and behind occupant.
  • Premium quality Scandinavian leather upholstery.
  • Seating unit made of GRP.
  • 3 year limited World Wide Warranty.
Important features
  • All Ullman Seats are designed to protect the operator from getting injured.
  • The seat design optimizes your body posture while the spring and damping system takes care of the high forces during impact.

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