The Scandinavian Military Magazine, MILITÆR TEKNIKK

New super-fast speedboats for defence, special forces, customs, police, coastguard, search and rescue, etc. are being developed at a rapid pace. This is the main conclusion after the three-day “High Speed Boat Operations Forum” in Gothenburg 31 August – 2 September.

Text: Tor Husby

The speedboat forum was held for the 10th time. This year, the attendance counted some 300 invited delegates from 21 countries, and 22 boat types were presented. The speedboats are not just get- ting faster, but they are also better and safer than just a few years ago, and can be pow- ered by outboard engines of up to 500-600 horsepower. The speed potential is usually in excess of 60 knots, or 70 mph – 110 kph. Any accidents at this speed are likely to look like a freeway crash.

Carl Magnus Ullman, general secretary of the Gothenburg forum, says that European speedboat manufacturers and developers have come much further than the USA,

which is still struggling for better safety for the fast boat crews.”

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