Politique de qualité

Our goal is to meet and exceed our customers’ requirements at each individual order based on the conditions at hand. Our customers should be able to rely on delivery on time with the highest quality. We provide comprehensive solutions for our products and services. We do not just supply products and services, but also individual service to each customer.

To achieve this, our employees shall:

  • Have the right skills
    • A development plan for each employee is communicated verbally so that the right skills and awareness is up-to-date.
    • Training will be made available when the need for competence increases.
  • Be service minded
    • Customer focus is central, that is, each employee is responsible to find out what the customer wants and if the company can meet the demands, and how.
    • The customer must feel well treated and prioritized regardless of customer type and order size.
  • Keep their promises
    • Employees must follow the Ullman Dynamics business model and not step outside the expertise they possess.To achieve optimal customer satisfaction, they shall determine what the customer requires to be satisfied with the purchase throughout the lifetime of the product.
  • Provide accurate information
    • Continuous communication with the customer from initial contact to final delivery is vital in order to manage and adapt to changes and secure customer satisfaction.

To constantly improve, we shall:

  • Follow up on customer orders
    • The main focus is on customer satisfaction.Customer satisfaction is measured Follow-up inquiries with customers will be conducted to find potential improvements. Informal customer satisfaction surveys are also conducted continuously by the sales force.
    • Lost business opportunities shall be followed-up to eliminate the risk of committing the same mistakes multiple times.
    • Through customer feedback, we will identify our weaknesses and strengths, and find out where we need to apply resources to implement..
    • Quality problems will be monitored and this shall then be consulted and actions will be taken to avoid the same problems in the future.
  • Have a personal development plan for employees
    • This is so that we shall possess the right skills, practical knowledge and awareness.
  • Be responsive to customer requirements
    • We shall,as far as possible,adapt production and products according to customer requirements.
  • Constantly update quality objectives
    • The quality goals must be as high as possible while realistic for Ullman Dynamics to achieve.
    • Goals must be communicable, measurable, specific, documented and achievable.

All employees of Ullman Dynamics have a share of responsibility for the quality, both when it comes to products and services.