Ullman Dynamics was recognised as the best suspension seating supplier, provinding the safest and most comfortable suspension seats on the global market.

“Most of our readers would be familiar with stories of high-speed voyages before Ullman seats became more widely available. Such voyages could be both uncomfortable and dangerous. Injuries and severe headaches were just some of the problems endured. Fortunately, Ullman Dynamics’ seats has put an end to such problems.”

– Baird Maritime

“Customers will ask for more, and that will require seats that are proven to protect people from injury and seats that last longer, with warranties to back them up. Customers will also want seats that don’t require operators to adjust them up, seats that are lighter and stronger, and seats that do not corrode or break, protecting people from injury regardless of the sea state.”

– Carl Magnus Ullman, CEO

Read the full article here: bairdmartime.com

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