For the Boat Builder

Ullman Seats are very light, extremely durable, maintenance free and have a very small footprint. – They can be fitted or retrofitted to basically any boat. Some buy them for comfort, others for performance and risk-reduction, and some for design.

The Ullman GRP-pods are reinforced with non-corrosive metal elements. They can be fitted with hatches for stowage.

Seats are mounted by bolting through the deck, or by employing special deck inserts. They can also be fiber-glassed or glued in place. Mounting of the seats must be done in a professional manner.

Some operators, especially navies, prefer longer pods for several seats.

This makes more room for stowage. They are produced in aluminium, carbon fiber or GRP.  These boxes come in different sizes for 1 up to 4 seats per base.

Ullman Dynamics provides drawings for such solutions and also for steel pipe or aluminium framework pods.

Both the Ullman GRP pods and the pods built in-house by the boat builders can be fitted on rail systems for flexible deck layouts and quick release.

The weight of each jockey seat, including pod, is less than 23 kg or 50 pounds, which makes any reconfiguration easy to do.

Ullman Dynamics also assists with deck layout suggestions by CAD, as well as reviewing cockpit and console designs for human factors optimization.

Start by reading the paper on the topic “Designing Consoles for Speed“.

This is already used dozens of boat builders around the world as guidance for new build projects and also for life time extensions.

High Comfort and maximum Safety gives professional operators more efficient platforms and brings more joy and pride to the leisure boat owner.

All boats are perceived as offering a much better ride quality when the crew and passengers experience the comfort of the seats in combination with best impact mitigation that exists.