Mounting options

Ullman Seat Pod 700 / 750 / 810

All bases are built to accommodate any Ullman Jockey Seat.

Available in three versions for seat heights at 700 mm, 750 mm and 800 mm.

The most used and common seating height is 750 mm.


Custom Installation / Custom Bases

Some operators choose to mount multiple Ullman Jockey Seats on long bases. This creates more stowage space inside the bases.

For inline mounting on long pods, the Jockey Seats come with the damper inside the backrest.

The SLM Leaflex™ mechanism allows for a higher custom base and with even more space inside.

Drawings for custom bases can be provided on request.


Shelf mounting

Special brackets are available for fitting seats sticking out over the front edge of an engine box or transom box.


Recommended split

Ullman Jockey Seats have a very small footprint and can be mounted close together.

The optimal longitudinal split to get out and in easily is 650 mm. The minimum longitudinal split is 550 mm.

The optimal lateral split for side-by-side mounting is 600 mm.

A staggered layout: A 550 mm lateral split is sufficient when a middle row of seats is mounted with the seats pushed half a seat length forward.

Drawings and deck layout suggestions are available on request.