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“Unbelievable about comfort and security!”

Feedback from our customers always put smiles on our faces and reminds us why we love to protect people with the world-leading shock mitigation seating.

What kind of boat do you have?
My boat is a French 25 ft RIB, Zeppelin XVPRO 750, with a 350DA Suzuki with duoprop.

Why did you choose Ullman seats for your boat?
I wanted Ullman seats to sail safety on long raids, for example crossing the channel. This is my first experience with Ullman seats.
It’s my second Zeppelin 750 and I wanted a real upgrade!

What is your experience from the seats?
After 60 nautical miles, on the day of the delivery, I told myself: but how did I do before Ullman seats ?!! Unbelievable about comfort and security … The best and only solution for this kind of RIB, a dream on board!!

/Lassus Pascal, France
Zeppelin XVPRO 750

This Zeppelin features two Biscaya seats.
Here you can read more about Zeppelin and their range of RIBs.

Zeppelin XVPRO 750
Zeppelin XVPRO 750