16m Combat Boat from Al Fattan

The United Arab Emirates (UAE)-based shipbuilder Al Fattan displayed its new 16 m Combat Boat concept for the first time at the NAVDEX show held in Abu Dhabi.

“The boat is the first of its kind to be designed and built in the UAE,” said Mohamed Abdellah Kamil, project coordinator. The design is similar to the CB 90 series of amphibious assault boats designed for the Swedish navy by Dockstavarvet.
“This vessel is different because it uses a combination of fibreglass and aluminium structures, making the craft lighter and therefore faster [than the Swedish ones],” Kamil said. “The boat weighs about 19 tons, depending on the loading,” he added.
According to the technical specifications provided by the manufacturer, it can reach speeds of up to 50 kt, powered by a combination of two 1136 hp Caterpillar engines and two HJ403 HamiltonJet waterjets.
The vessel is 16 m long, with a beam of 3.9 m. It can carry 12 troops with space for 2 crew; 12.7 mm guns can be installed on the side, roof and aft deck of the boat.
Source: Jane’s

The Combat Boat features Atlantic Crew seats for driver and navigator.