Daytona Crew on CRUDEN´s fast craft simulator at I/ITSEC 2018

Cruden will highlight the benefits of simulators to crew training for high speed boat handling, navigation, drills and tactics scenarios at I/ITSEC 2018.

On booth 712, we will offer live demonstrations of our Fast Craft Simulator that has been developed to offer training organizations;

  • increased hours;
  • reduced costs;
  • repeatable, programmable conditions and scenarios;
  • realistic and detailed data-led AAR;
  • and protection to trainers and trainees from physical stress.

While scenario-based simulator training is established for larger vessels, we have introduced a completely new concept in the high speed boat simulator, which uses detailed modelling, motion-cueing techniques and professional image generation, to present a cost-effective solution for any training situation where motion and dynamic feedback are important factors.

Our experts in attendance at I/ITSEC are also deeply involved in simulation, modelling and training for ground-based vehicles. As an important feature for military and law enforcement: Weapon simulation can be added as a fully integrated solution.