Refit of Midnight Express for Special Operation Unit!

It’s always a pleasure to see our products being part of retrofit projects!  

This Midnight Express has received many new upgrades, such as new engines, electronics and seating. It will soon be in service with the Special Operations Unit for the Hellenic Coast Guard in Greece!🇬🇷

This Midnight Express 37 will receive our comfortable Patrol seats for four crew. For the helm seat, a slider is fitted to allow best configuration. Each seat has foldable footrests. Our foldable footrests allow support for operators who are of different heights.

We believe in advanced simplicity to solve problems such as operators of different heights. Solutions that will always work and can never be “set up” in the wrong way. Too many adjustable variables have proven to expose the operator to more injuries rather than offering enhanced protection.

Midnight Express 37
Four Patrol Jockey seats with accessories such as adjustable dampers!