Rob Kirby talks Naiad Boats built by Kirby Marine

“Naiad boats are the playthings of billionaire sheiks and sultans, and workhorses for the likes of the Tactical Response Group, Fisheries and remote wilderness tour operators. None of these are the kind of customers you want a call from in the dark of night saying something on the boat has gone wrong. Thankfully, boat builder Rob Kirby from Kirby Marine in Western Australia knows his craft. “

“The Captain’s crew heads west to meet one of the best in the business.
Full story about Kirby here : https://bit.ly/34CtZqu

We’re now sitting dockside admiring a 10m console model called Scem. For boat lovers, this baby possesses an enticing set of numbers — 23 degrees at the bum, 10m long with twin Yamaha 425 XTO outboards. Before we straddle the Ullman shock-absorbing seat, we ask Rob what we should expect from a high-powered, deep-vee, collared-boat. (At this point, The Captain is attempting to look adult-responsible, but secretly is waiting for Rob to turn a blind eye so he can make a hasty exit to Rottnest Island and wrestle one of those cute and furry quokkas away for Mrs Captain.) “We looked at making the ride a lot more comfortable and I’m a big fan of Ullman shock-mitigating seats,” Rob says. “They improve any boat and we’ve made them standard. They give me the ability to drive the boat like I stole it and anybody should be able to do that. Getting a 10-tonne boat airborne is an addictive thing and it puts a smile on your dial when you come back down and everyone wonders why there is no big crash when we hit the water.”

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