Team Allblack Racing & Ullman Dynamics

The Allblack Racing Team has chosen Ullman suspension seats for the Allblack SL44 Powerboat.
In their attempt on the U.I.M World Record Cork – Fastnet – Cork the Allblack Team needs the best impact protection there is.

The Allblack SL44 powerboat will challenge extreme conditions at sea where the craft will be exposed to severe impacts for long periods of time.

To ensure the safety and comfort of the crew during the many record attempts, the ”Allblack SL44” is fitted with Ullman Echelon suspension seats – scientifically proven to provide the best shock mitigation and the only seats proven to reduce physical fatigue.

Ullman Echelon suspension seats are perfect fit for the ”Allblack SL44” and their upcoming challenges since they have been developed for 80kn+ Special Forces platforms where mission success is priority number one. We believe that the increased comfort and reduced fatigue will allow Allblack racing team boundless success in this new endeavor.

We are happy to be part of this record-breaking team!