“ITALIA” by PC DESIGN Awarded the 2016 Diporthesis Award!

“ITALIA” by PC DESIGN. – A 25m hyper yacht that merges high performance (speeds exceeding 50 knots) with luxurious and refined interior.

The “ITALIA” hyper yacht features three Ullman Atlantic seats with footrests at the helm




“ITALIA is a Made in Italy hyper yacht. A hyper yacht merges high performances with the fascination of a masterpiece: able to exceed the limit of 50 knots, at the same time it offers luxurious and refined interiors.
ITALIA is not just an uncommon boat, it is an exclusive craft in which everything onboard is exclusive. This hyper yacht combines engineering and science, aesthetics and art: outstanding prices, powers and performances correspond with special and unique emotions and experiences. At sea, you will almost never catch sight of ITALIA and that is part of its charm. If you should chance to see it, when its gull-wing doors open everything else will disappear. Partly sculpture and partly fighter aircraft. ITALIA is one-of-a-kind and it is now for sale: contact us for inquiries.”

– PC Design