16 Reasons to choose Ullman Suspension Boat Seats

The benefits of using Ullman Suspension Seats:


  • They are scientifically proven to provide better Shock Mitigation than any other seats.

They are developed based on medical science.

They work in synergy with the human body.

Have been shown to reduce impact exposure by 76%.


  • Do not break.

Structural failure often causes injuries.

Structural failure causes down-time and repair costs.


  • Do not corrode.

Corrosion limits lifetime.

Corrosion causes functional failure.

Corrosion looks unprofessional and indicates a poor choice of materials.


  • Do not need any maintenance.

Maintenance is expensive and causes down-time.


  • The lightest weight.

Less weight means more payload or higher speed.


  • The smallest footprint.

Frees deck space for cargo or more crew.


  • Outperform any other jockey seats in terms of comfort.

They are the result of 20 years of scientific research and engineering development.


  • Reduce risk of injuries.

Solid scientific unbiased proof is available on request.


  • Reduce physical fatigue.

Solid scientific unbiased proof is available on request.


  • Do not bottom-out.

Bottoming-out is inherently dangerous, and can give up to 3 times amplification of impact as opposed to the required reduction.

Injuries can lead to lifelong suffering.

Injuries can lead to legal claims.

Bottoming-out is a design fault and seat manufacturers and operating authorities could be held liable for injuries.


  • 3 years worldwide warranty – extendable.

“They just don’t break”


  • Get exemption from the EU directive*.

No technical solution will make you stay within the limits of the EU Directive on WBV.

Some seating solutions expose the employer to legal claims.

Compliance demands use of “the best available technologies” to reduce exposure to impact.

Just claiming that a seat is shock mitigating is not compliant.

Using Ullman seats will allow you to show that you are using the best proven technology available, hence being eligible for exemption.

For details on EU-Directive and compliance see: (Link..EUD)


  • Height adjustment where it is useful – for the feet.

Height adjustability is normally not required.

If it is required, (when users differ more than 40cm in stature),

it should be done by providing different heights to locate the feet.

Short operators don’t want to be seated lower.

Tall operators don’t want to be seated higher.

Seated eye-height level is most important and differs very little between tall and short people.

(Height adjustment by reducing travel of suspension is counter-productive and can be dangerous, as it causes bottoming-out.)


  • Have been in use by professional operators in demanding operations for many years in more than 50 countries – with zero failures.

Several professional user organizations have thoroughly and scientifically evaluated different seats and adopted Ullman seats as a benchmark standard. Certificates from such agencies are available on request.


  • Lower life cycle costs.

Large sums can be saved on seats that last the lifetime of the boat.